The Astrodome turns 50 and Vince Stalla asks “What were you doing 50 years ago?” in his book “Baby Boomers.”

News Hook: Using notable iconic events of the era to trigger memories, he explores and shares his time growing up with the over 72 million boomers still active today. Born in the culture-rich Little Italy community of New York City, and raised among the new suburban neighborhoods of Long Island in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, Vince Stella has painted an articulate picture of growing up during the phenomenon called the baby boom. With so much of our personal history past and the heroes of our lives disappearing, it‘s time to remember when: to examine our formative years, young adolescence, and our experience as young adults in unprecedented times. The recollections are the author’s own, but they are also those of many boomers sharing common threads of a time that has imprinted impressions on each us forever. Can you remember the excitement and hysteria of Beatlemania? Remember when you really had to dial the phone? How about your first look at color television?

As Houston celebrates the Astrodome’s 50th anniversary, Vince Stalla looks back over the last 50 years and shares his anecdotes and experiences in his book “Baby Boomers: Living Through A Phenomenon.”

"Join Vince Stalla and take a nostalgic ride down memory lane in "Baby Boomer: Living Through a Phenomenon.""

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Author Name : Vince Stalla

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Date of Published: Apr 10, 2015