The Criticurb show welcomes Bruce Moran to our interactive talkshow on Creativity & You

News Hook: We are redefining creativity together! Come hear Bruce talk more about the Jack Rabbit Initiative! We are strong advocates of creativity! We are redefining creativity together! We are changing lives!

Today’s guest comes to us from Friendswood, Texas, United States. Please welcome Bruce Moran. Bruce is a Navy Vet, technical Trainer, book author, and publisher. He has authored over 200 technical titles. As a publisher, he currently has over 300 titles published. He is concentrating on assisting writers to get their titles published worldwide. Bruce developed and now sponsoring White Glove Fiction series starring Jack Rabbit.

"At Criticurb, our featured guests become friends, families, and loved ones. We look out for each other; we encourage each other in our creative journey. We are passionate about what you do!"

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Date of Published: Dec 13, 2020