The novel SHAFTED – A MEXICAN TALE is about the dark side of the Mexican silver mining boom

News Hook: If you are lured into investing in the booming silver mining in Mexico, caution is advised because hundreds of mines operate illegally without a proper license. The illegal mines are not more than prison camps with horrendous work and safety conditions and no rate of return to the investors.

The novel is a story about the exploitation, denigration, and humiliation of miners, mill, and smelter workers kept under slave labour conditions in one the hundreds of illegal mines in operation in Mexico. The exploitation of mine workers is not a recent phenomenon but has been going on for hundreds of years, essentially since the Spanish conquistadors first encountered the rich veins of precious metals in “them thar hills”.
The novel is a first person account from a previous victim’s point of view and is based on the factual accounts of former miners.
Mexican reviewers were particularly gleeful about the ending of the story. But you have to read the book to find out what made them so happy.
A European critic stated, “This is indeed a dark, but very topical theme, an original story about ruthless exploitation. The author writes with a good sense of humour nevertheless and has succeeded in creating a thoughtful and entertaining book.”

""Unity is strength" is a familiar refrain in the struggle for justice and equity. With a largely peaceful, yet unconventional uprising a workforce of miners shows how it can be achieved."

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Author Name : T.S.Aguilar

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Date of Published: Nov 21, 2018