Two teen-agers are transported through a magic medallion into amazing adventures.

News Hook: Meeting on a plane while traveling to Disney World, Jazz and Ella encounter a mysterious man who gives each of them a magic amulet...amulets that will interact with a Mouse Gate. These portals will transport them from attractions in Disney into alternate reality adventures where they must face their fears, deal with past disappointments, and find a courage within themselves they didn't know they possessed.

Entering into both their past and future while on vacation in Disney World, Jazz and Ella experience unforgettable adventures that change the present forever.

"Jeff Lovell's book, Jazz and Ella, is his first book in a series of Mouse Gate adventures written for 8-12 year olds. The release date is April 28 and can be pre-ordered from Total Recall Press."

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Author Name : Jeffrey Lovell

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Date of Published: Apr 28, 2015