Un Cuento Sobre la Verdad – a children’s book in Spanish based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles is to be published shortly

News Hook: Suitable for children in the 7 to 12 age range, “Un Cuento Sobre la Verdad,” takes the form of a dialogue between Joshua, a wise elderly man, and Adam, a nine-year-old who has a lot of curiosity about life. In this book, which is the Spanish translation of “A Tale of Truth,” Raveena simplifies the essence of A Course in Miracles and makes it accessible to children in a light-hearted manner. As the book deals with metaphysical topics, it is a book that a parent should read together with their child.

“Un Cuento Sobre la Verdad” is one of only a few children’s books that is based on the teachings of the spiritual masterpiece, A Course in Miracles.

"A Course in Miracles has a wide following in Spanish speaking countries. This is why Total Recall Publications decided to have "A Tale of Truth" translated into Spanish."

Writers Biline:

Author Name : Raveena Nash

Author Email :

Author Website : http://www.allanillusion.com

Date of Published: Jun 27, 2016