“What I Really Think”, as Smith states his views clearly, with conviction and honesty

By David Smith

This book could be titled “What I Really Think”, as Smith states his views clearly, with conviction and honesty. He is a native Texan that ended up in the chemical industry, not as a baron but as the owner of small chemical companies.

Smith is in opposition to all persons that profess to tell him and others what to do, including governments. However, he is also opposed to aggressive bible thumpers as well; rejecting claims by all that say their religion makes them superior to others. Smith rails against big government; he considers the beginning of the fall of liberty to be the administration of Franklin Roosevelt.

Smith expresses his opposition to Obamacare, praises George W. Bush’s “decisive” reaction to the attack of 9/11 and expresses his dislike of all long-term holders of political office, independent of party. However, his greatest expression of hatred is against lawyers and lotteries, he openly says that he does not discriminate in any way, he simply hates all lawyers. Smith recognizes government sponsored lotteries for what they are, an extractor of revenue from the people that can least afford to chase that particular impossible dream.

Smith recounts many of the events of his life, so the book has many aspects of an autobiography. He is honest about his failures, noting that in the 1980’s he barely avoided bankruptcy and probably would have if some key people hadn’t been willing to cut him some significant slack. That has not weakened his highly developed spirit of independence; Smith will maintain to the last his strong spirit of self-reliance. That is the source of the title.

An extreme libertarian, Smith expresses opposition to much of what are now some fundamental aspects of modern society. You may not agree with him, but it is hard not to respect him, even when he is saying something that you strongly disagree with.

Texas Spirit

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Number Of Pages: 175

Date Published: Apr 15, 2014

Publisher: TotalRecall Press

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by David Smith