When your best friend is a dog…

By Kim Wheeler

When your best friend, is a dog... We are surrounded by humans, everywhere we go, there they are, walking, talking, eating, laughing, crying and sometimes shouting.

When your best friend is a dog…

We are surrounded by humans. Everywhere we go, there they are, walking, talking, eating, laughing, crying and sometimes shouting. So why do some of us choose to be far away from the noise and energy of the human as they scurry around busying themselves with their important day-to-day routines.

Perhaps, I am of that age or maybe my background had alienated me from the company of these often sedentary creatures. They appear to have lost sight of ‘why they are alive’ and ‘what purpose do they serve’, who too easily imagine false gods and pray to the fattened golden calf of greed and self-importance.

Maybe, my memories are so scarred by pain, that I run away from the human form rather than run towards them, open armed and full of trust and love, hoping for something in return, perhaps something that I am missing can be found by mating with the female of this species, or maybe the hope that I can find lost love or happiness in joining in, drinking myself into a coma, so I just fit in.

No I found my happiness and it wasn’t in the female form or the company of men. I found my contentment and dare I say happiness, with the company of a dog or in my case, several dogs, who I rescued, perhaps a throw back from my days in my cold and barren children’s home. I wanted and needed to rescue and rescue I did, not only five wonderful animals. I also rescued myself, as I found that link to love, affection, companionship, protection, protected, or more importantly, a true friend, who needed me for no other reason, except my company, my loyal support, to be fed and walked twice daily. To sleep in quiet and safe surroundings, far from the fear of attack and abuse, a home with an alpha male, to rest their weary head on when tired of the day and to know that this alpha male will protect and love to the point that they will allow you your freedom from pain or illness when the pain becomes too much. Knowing that this small gift is a decision that has broken many a human beings soul and the pain of having to say goodbye to a loyal friend, who in all their years have never once, said a bad thing about you, or had a single bad thought about you and would happily jump through fire to be next to you.

I am glad, no I am happy, that my best friend is a dog, or in my case, five dogs, three of which I have had to put to sleep and the very memory of those moments still hang clutching at my heart, five rescued dogs who, no one cared for, who in return loved me more than any human could, because in a humans eyes, I have too many faults, but in a dogs eyes, I have none…

Kim Wheeler June 15