Will the allied commandos be able to blow a vital bridge that supplies Rommel and his Afrika korp

News Hook: In the sequel to War and Destiny Markos leads his small band of OSS agents into the heart of occupied Greece to strike a decisive blow to the Axis forces occupying his ancestral homeland. His mission to destroy one of the railroad viaducts of the main railroad artery carrying supplies for Rommel’s Africa corp. The task almost impossible to do under normal military circumstances will be complicated as he has to get the two major Greek resistance groups, the Royalists and communists to cooperate with each other to carry out this vital mission. Further complicating the mission will be his arch nemesis Standartenführer Georg Muller, a brutal but very efficient Nazi SS officer, who is bent on capturing and killing Markos at any cost. Follow Markos and his team as they try to survive in occupied Europe, during modern history’s bloodiest conflict.

Standarten Fuehrer George Muller is hot on the tail of Markos Androulakis and his band of OSS commandos sent to destroy a vital supply like to the Afrika Korps.

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Author Name : George Mavro

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Date of Published: Jun 28, 2016