You don’t want to miss out on this treasure!

News Hook: In 1715, a ship’s carpenter tried to rape the 14 year old daughter of the captain of a British warship and was flogged almost to death. He mutinied and captured the ship, killing the captain and forcing his daughter into marriage. After falling in with Blackbeard, he abandoned his young wife on a cold, bitter rock called White Island, off the coast of New Hampshire. When he was caught and hanged by the British Navy, his treasure vanished into history. Many people believe that Martha, his reluctant wife, hid the treasure in the Isle of Shoals chain. This is the story of a search for those gold and jewels and treasure, protected by the Ghost of White Island.

A young woman’s spirit walks in the moonlight, intent on preserving the lost treasures of a nation.

"According to the legends, a fabulous treasure lies hidden somewhere in the Islands. Mickey Logan, however, is seeking a greater treasure: the redemption of the soul of his great grandmother."

Writers Biline:

Author Name : Jeff Lovell