Young Author Pens Poetry Book “Rising Higher Than Ever”

News Hook: A young man finds himself reflecting on life-changing decisions that can affect his future. A young woman is lured into the dark world of temptation and mystery in the arms of a man who has a mysterious background. A single mother fights for custody of her child and in her attempts to keep the child, she nearly loses her. A promising music producer has aspirations of reaching the heights of success with his comrades but at what was he willing to lose in order to achieve the success that awaited him? A young woman loses almost everything and finds herself teetering on the edge of a cliff. A boxer loses to the number one contender in the world, can he overcome not only the boxer in a rematch but his own doubts?

Author and poet Marc A. Beausejour brings readers an inspirational poetry book, equipped with subjects that brings the struggles of young men and women to the forefront. He tackles subjects such as suicide, untimely death, domestic abuse, workplace abuse, early marriage and infidelity, not only through poems but through short story and short author reflections that readers can relate to from an emotional standpoint. Using verses from the New Living Translation Bible to encourage and uplift others, it is a book that may not only serve as a testimony to Christian and spiritual readers, but also plants seeds of hope in those in search of it.

"Is it just a poetry book, a collection of short stories, or just excerpts from the author? Just like the Holy Trinity, it is a three-in-one book that takes the meaning of inspiration to another level."

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Author Name : Marc A. Beausejour

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Date of Published: Feb 24, 2015