Vicki Lee zell
1233 Wiley Road
Savannah New York 13146
United States
Genre : Fiction

About Vicki:

VLZ is a fiction writer of mystery/suspense thrillers and a fan of King, Koontz, Patterson and the like. VLZ lives in the quiet of country life and loves the comfort of nature, woods, birds, gardening, but mostly writing tall tales of twisted woe. So if you are looking for the fairytale endings to books and movies, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. VLZ’s novels are fascinating, easy reads, with twists and turns to keep the readers wanting more, more, more, and you will also find tidbits of opinions discovered through the years from humans just like yourself, on varied topics we humans discuss daily. So grab a VLZ book, sit back, relax with a glass or cup of your favorite beverage and loose yourself in the realm of possibilities, for all things in life are possible.

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