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The Astrodome turns 50 and Vince Stalla asks “What were you doing 50 years ago?” in his book “Baby Boomers.”

By Vince Stalla

As Houston celebrates the Astrodome’s 50th anniversary, Vince Stalla looks back over the last 50 years and shares his anecdotes and experiences in his book “Baby Boomers: Living Through A Phenomenon.”

Using notable iconic events of the era to trigger memories, he explores and shares his time growing up with the over 72 million boomers still active today. Born in the culture-rich Little Italy community of New York City, and raised among the new suburban neighborhoods of Long Island in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, Vince Stella has painted an articulate picture of growing up during the phenomenon called the baby boom. With so much of our personal history past and the heroes of our lives disappearing, it‘s time to remember when: to examine our formative years, young adolescence, and our experience as young adults in unprecedented times. The recollections are the author’s own, but they are also those of many boomers sharing common threads of a time that has imprinted impressions on each us forever. Can you remember the excitement and hysteria of Beatlemania? Remember when you really had to dial the phone? How about your first look at color television?
Join Vince Stalla and take a nostalgic ride down memory lane in "Baby Boomer: Living Through a Phenomenon."
Email ID :

SIBA Announces New Author Liaison to Help Authors Promote Books to Southern Audiences and Booksellers

By Terri Mitchem

Authors interested in promoting books to Southern audiences and booksellers may want to contact Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and connect with its new Author Liaison.

Authors interested in promoting their books to Southern audiences and booksellers may want to contact Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and connect with its new Author Liaison Amy Cherrix. ( According to a press release, SIBA is “pleased to announce the newest member of its team, Amy Cherrix. Amy is coming on board as SIBA's Author Liaison -- dedicated to helping authors make the most of the opportunities available from SIBA, so they can reach southern audiences and booksellers in the most effective, and cost-effective, way possible.” Amy will be available to answer questions about author-targeted SIBA programs like the Lady Banks Newsletter Interviews, the "Love an Indie" Author Badge program and the "STARS" program, and to work with authors to design promotional campaigns in support of their book tours. You can reach Amy at
For more information see

Combined Book Exhibit Offers Authors New Book Trailer Production Services That Include Display at Book Expo and American Library Association Conferences

By Terri Mitchem

Authors can reach thoursands of librarians, educators, and booksellers with book display/catalog and book trailer services from Combined Book Exhibit.

You might want to check out a deal offered by Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) for production of a 60-90 minute book trailer plus its display at the 2015 Book Expo and American Library Association conferences. CBE also hosts book exhibits at hundreds of state/national library, school, and bookstore conferences each year, so consider using them to present your book(s) to thousands of librarians, educators, and booksellers via book display and inclusion in a catalog distributed at each show. For information about book trailer production For information about centering your books into Combined Book Exhibit

12,000 to Gather at Annual Meeting of thel Association of Writers and Writing Programs, April 8-11 in Minneapolis

By Terri Mitchem

Writers will find many opportunities to enhance their skills and network with 12,000 other authros, editors, publishers, and educators at annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference.

New and veteran authors will find inspiration and professional growth opportunities at the Annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference & Bookfair in Minneapolis, April 8 – 11, 2015. AWP has become an essential destination for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers. Each year more than 12,000 attendees gather for four days of dialogue, networking, and access to the organizations and opinion-makers that matter most in contemporary literature. The 2015 conference will feature over 2,000 presenters and 550 readings, panels, and craft lectures. The book fair hosts over 700 presses, journals, and literary organizations from around the world. AWP is now the largest literary conference in North America. For more information see

3 Great Ways You Can Promote Your Books with Email Marketing

By Terri Mitchem

Promote your books more effectively using these 3 field-tested email marketing tips

Book Business Blog gives 3 great tips for promoting your books more successfully via email. First tip is to keep subject lines to 32 characters – the maximum before iPhones cut them off—and never more than 50 characters, which can lead to the spam folder. For more tips See

The Author’s Guild Offers Free Website Development to Promote Your Books

By Terri Mitchem

New authors can benefit their professional growth from membership in The Authors Guild– plus get free help in building their own website.

The Authors Guild builds its new members websites — for free. In most cases, the hosting fee is $6/month. Once your website is up and running, you can maintain it using Sitebuilder, the Guild's software designed specifically for authors to showcase their work and maintain their web presence. Visit for more information.

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ABB adds new short story feature to website for storytellers.

By Authors Book Beat

ABB has added a new short story feature to website for storytellers. This feature allows authors to give a sample of their writings to promote their book/s or just to have a short story published.

Short stories can be up to 12,000 characters or be divided up into multiple postings or as a “part 1,” “part 2.” Authors Book Beat is a forum for everyone in the book world. We welcome authors, editors, reviewers, readers, publishers, book bloggers, and journals to post and comment on print books, eBooks, and audio books. We encourage all authors, lovers of books, and individuals in the publishing business to write and post press releases, articles, email blasts, book reviews, and book signing events through ABB. ABB provides free and paid distribution services for authors’ books or eBooks to promote and advertise to over seven thousand media outlets within the publishing, entertainment, library, television, radio, online, blog, magazine, newspaper, cable, satellite, freelance and wire service industries.
Check out today and promote your books today!

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M. L. Hollinger’s newest series hits, Javik, is available now.

By M. L. Hollinger

M. L. Hollinger’s latest series of books, Javik, tells the story of one boy’s journey into manhood.

In the first book, Mauhad, Javik struggles to pass Mauhad, the manhood test of his people, and falls in love in the process. While training to pass Mauhad he encounters a girl in the forest. She is Allana, an escaped slave, but Javik falls in love with her. Before the situation can be resolved, Javik must go off to war. Allana vows to wait for him, but when he returns she is gone. In his second book, Love and War, Allana goes in pursuit of a crown, and Javik is trapped into an unwanted marriage before the fates conspire to free him from all obligations except finding the woman he loves. Queen of Gorgos finishes the Javik series and continues the parallel stories of Javik and Allana. Javik returns from war to find his wife died of a plague. He learns of Allana’s fate at the hands of a bandit king and gathers his friends in a quest to free her. They succeed, and they help Allana gain the throne of Gorgos and restore the island to its former glory.
Mauhad, Love and War, and Queen of Gorgos is avaibable at,, Nook, and Barnes and Noble.
Email ID :

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A veteran of Iwo Jima ponders if the fight was worth it. Jerry Yellin, 91, speaking on Iwo Jima, 70 years after the battle.

By Christopher Woolf

When you receive 1.3 million hits in less than two days. Some one is interested in what you have to say.

Perhaps one of the most iconic images of any war is the photo of the raising of the US flag on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima. Seventy years have passed since that brutal battle of World War II. On March 21, dozens of elderly US veterans traveled back to the island. Men like former US Army Air Corps Capt. Jerry Yellin. “I flew P-51s off of Iwo Jima, starting on March 7, 1945, when the Marines took enough land round the first dirt airstrip." Select the link to read more. Jerry Yellin is a world renound author or three WW II titles. Of War and Weddings, The Blackened Canteen, and The Letter. Jerry authored The Resilient Warrior, Healing the Hidden Wounds of War to help our Heroes coming back from all wars.
Email ID :

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Rising Higher Than Ever Sets Platform For Poetry Book

By Marc A Beausejour

Twenty poems. Twenty people with twenty different stories. As Rising Higher Than Ever hits the one month-mark of its release, the poems remain as classic and as timeless as the stories that inspired them.

As men, are we too quick with the ladies that we make a pass?/Then in return, we don't treat them with decorum and class?/It's only when you realize the immense picture; then and only then/you; as young, inexperienced boys will have become true gentlemen.-From the poem, Gentlemen. Tyrone Beal reflects on his past mistakes as he sits in a courtroom, waiting upon the verdict that will determine his fate. He had been arrested in connection to the murder of Tyler Crane, a public servant and community social worker. With ties to the local gang in the area, Tyrone often feels the allure and pull of his old comrades. Will he be able to transform not only his image, but his mindset?
Being a gentlemen or a class character doesn't lie merely in clothes or outward appearance, but it lies in a person's behavior and mindset.

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