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     ABB Welcomes short story writers.

Short Story Instructions

Display your writing ability by publishing your short storys of less than 12,000 Characters. If your short story is more than 12,000 characters divide your story up into more than posting.
You can use Part One, Part Two, Part Three if you wish.
Thanks for posting your short story. We wish you success.

First Shooting

- John Wills/Sandy Smetana
Genre: True Crime
I remember dreading receiving that call for the first time – the one where someone has been shot.
How would I respond? Could I handle it? Would I be able to hold myself together while looking at the blood and gore and still be effective as a police officer?
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- David B. Axelrod
Genre: Poetry
Here’s a great unique new way to enjoy NASCAR and racing.
Poems like "In the Garages" show a great appreciation of the skill it takes to put together a winning team. “A Dozen Fan Poems,” catalogs the many ways those attending the races enjoy the experience.
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So You Want to Self-Publish

- Tom Calarco
Genre: Memoir
How many of you want to write a book? Of course, almost everyone has a great idea for one good book. The problem is writing it.
An even bigger problem is getting it published. Today with digital technology and desktop publishing, many are opting to to self-publish. This is a cautionary tale for those choosing that option.
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Deer Camp

- Luke Boyd
Genre: Humor
"Those musket balls must have gone through those deer like a load of grape-shot out of a cannon."
A long time ago when I was younger, I used to go to deer camp two or three times a season. Back then a lot of the Delta had not been logged, so there was a lot of the big woods left and a lot of deer.
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