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     ABB Welcomes short story writers.

Short Story Instructions

Display your writing ability by publishing your short storys of less than 12,000 Characters. If your short story is more than 12,000 characters divide your story up into more than posting.
You can use Part One, Part Two, Part Three if you wish.
Thanks for posting your short story. We wish you success.

Gary Repetto

Exam Day 1 & 2

- Gary Repetto
Genre: Sports
The power of the influence of a boy's determined pastor.
Jimmy Boyle was a snotty nosed kid and a fine athlete. Taller than all others in his Our Precious Lady grade school class, the raw-boned teenager had formidable muscles with a God-given dexterity that
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Strange Behavior

- by Traci Ciepiela/ compiled by John Wills
Genre: True Crime
More stories by John Wills' and "Women Warriors: Stories from the Thin Blue Line."
I have been told that all good redneck stories need to start the same way.
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Bless our Fraternity

- by David Smith
Genre: Folk Tales
More stories by David Smith's "Texas Spirit."
When I went off to The University in the fall of 1949 (today UT-Austin),
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two women alone in a room

- roberta b rodgers
Genre: fiction
this is a story of 2 women who live two opposite lives...but then again they are so much alike
Two women alone in a room
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The Sanitary Toilet

- by Luke Boyd
Genre: Folk Tales
Luke Boyd shares more of his stories in "Coon Dogs and Outhouses V1."
Now-a-days it is a joke to refer to a house as having "four rooms and a path."
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First Shooting

- by Sandy Smetana/ Compiled by John Wills
Genre: True Crime
More stories by John Wills' "Women Warriors."
I remember dreading receiving that call for the first time – the one where someone has been shot. How would I respond?
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The Undertaker Comes for David Smith

- David Smith
Genre: Short Stories
More short stories by David Smith and "Texas Spirit."
When I was a freshman at The University of Texas, my big brother Bim’s good friend Dave Gardner invited me squirrel hunting west of Austin at the fraternity lake club.
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Drummed Out of the Club

- Luke Boyd
Genre: Folk Tales
More folk tales by Luce Boyd and "Coon Dogs and Outhouses v1."
Back in the mid-fifties, Morton worked for a large company which had offices in several foreign countries.
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Pleasing Mr. Dunbar

- by Pamela M. Starr/compiled by John Wills
Genre: True Crime
John Wills shares the stories of "Women Warriors," the ladies in blue.
Bicycle patrol units in most urban districts are tasked not only with crime prevention and response to criminal complaints, but also with fostering community-police relations.
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- Unknown Author
Genre: Humor
John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would
John was a natural motivator.
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