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ABB sends press releases to a potential audience consisting of thousands of journalists hundreds of book bloggers, many thousands of avid readers, and much more.

Information to Display from Press Releases

Press Release Instructions

Overview: The target of your release is a journalist. Headline text should hook the reader into wanting to explore the content of the full release. Expand your limited header with in the summary. Hook your reader so they want more.

HEADER (up to 80 characters max) Rule one, When writing your headline: remember to indicate the WHY. Why should the reader want to continue reading the PR.

1. Use SCO keywords in the first seven words of the header (most Important) continue with keywords related to the PR.
2. Gain help with keywords by using a keyword search tool to help select the high-frequency, top-ranked keywords.

SUMMARY(up to two sentences or 200 characters max)
A well-crafted subhead, summery or hook can expand upon the headline just enough to encourage the reader to keep reading. Remember your call to action so the reader goes on to the body text.

BODY(up to 4000 characters)
Todays individuals are busy, they want to preview, enjoy, take in the content fact before moving on.

You may wish to include some of the information with in the body

1. First sentence Introduction: Continue hooking the reader with your opening sentence that will grab them to want more. Progress on with the first paragraph being strong, teasing, short and very descriptive.
2. Author two supporting paragraphs for the main theme of your PR.
3. First Paragraph: feature three main points of the PR.
4. Second Paragraph: illustrate main features of the PR.
5. Third Paragraph: use Quote, anecdote or references. Add a Quote like a real person speaks. Quotes are a dynamic part of a press release, they are fun, quirky, engaging and keeps the reader wanting to ready more.
6. Write a strong conclusion: Wrap up your PR with a strong closing summary. You do not have time or space to provide the reader with definitive topic. Leave your reader hungry for more arguments or information on your main topic.
7. Review, revise, and edit your content.
8. I recommend you engage an editor and a final proof reader.
9. Submit your Press Release.

Following are 5 unique ways to end a press release. They can replace or augment your (short) boiler. Try them and let us know what they do for you.

  • Ask the reader to take a survey.
  • Include a mini-infographic which can be picked up by anyone and placed on their site with a link back to your site.
  • Ask the reader to answer a question. Provide a link to your blog where their question can be posted publically (just be sure to answer).
  • Show your product or service and a clearly unwanted alternative. Ask the reader to choose.
  • Just thank the reader for their time

We have designed the following press release template for you to find the best value in and which has been tweaked to make your press release work better for you.

Joe Hinshaw’s “In The Closet, Under The Bed” Helps Provide Tools For Children To Cope With Nighttime Fears

'In the Closet, Under the Bed'

by Joe Hinshaw
"In The Closet and Under the Bed" is a book about children’s imaginations as they confront those scary things that go bump in the night. Through a series of misadventures the hero negotiates his own settlement that makes everyone happy and secure.

Controversy continues between the races and Karen Ford offers her down home thoughts in “Thoughts of a Fried Chicken Watermelon Woman”

'Thoughts of a Fried Chicken Watermelon Woman'

by Karen Ford
As the controversy continues between the races, between police and suspects, Karen Ford gives one Black woman's thoughts on the issues of the day in "Thoughts of a Fried Chicken Watermelon Woman." She offers a more realistic view on issues like Stand Your Ground Laws, the prison industrial complex and others.

Dr. Herbert L. Fred’s “On Medicine Today: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” Brings to Light the Problems with Health Care Today

'On Medicine Today: The Good, the bad and the ugly'

by Dr. Herbert Fred
Over the past several decades, the medical profession has lost much of its once-proud nobility, the practice of medicine has lost much of its fun, and the education of physicians has lost much of its rigor. Saddened and disappointed by these losses, Dr. Fred fights back—with his pen in "On Medicine Today: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."

Psychological Saga of Sailing Industry Proves Novel Without Antagonists Is Still an Emotional Roller Coaster in “Dreams Fulfilled” by Leslie Stern

'Dreams Fulfilled'

by Leslie E. Stern
Edward has three sons. His eldest, Thomas, is a professor of English literature and begins the saga as a stodgy Brit with a dull-as-dishwater wife. Kevin, the middle son, becomes an international sailboat racer and is the cheeky adventurer. It is Bryan, Edward's youngest son, who is his pride and joy from the beginning. It is Bryan who takes Oxford Marine, Ltd. to new levels.

Jeff Lovell’s “The Coven of the Spring” Brings Back Memories of Hanged Ancestors of Residents of Windham More than 300 Years Ago on Gallows Hill

'The Coven of the Spring'

by Dr. Jeff Lovell
The powers affect each person differently. Crissy's father turns against his wife and daughter and tries to kill Crissy to protect the secret. Passerby, Clay Foster, a former Navy Seal, saves Crissy from drowning in Lake Michigan's icy waters where her father has pushed her. Clay and his psychologist friend Sharon take Crissy into protection and join forces to destroy the cult before it destroys them. After several fierce fights with the Coven, they escape to Bermuda, where the witches attack them again. Finally, Grace teams up with the threesome and they all return to Salem for a final show down with the The Coven of the Spring.

Author Dr. Jeff Lovell Addresses Many Issues of Relationships in His Mystery Novel “Emerald” Including Trust and Spousal Abuse


by Dr. Jeff Lovell
Dr. Jeff Lovell believes truth and truth telling have to be the basis of intimate human behavior and relationships. He uses the relationships in his book "Emerald" to show examples of good and bad rel

Richard Baran tells a Touching Story of a Dysfunctional, Multi-cultural Family and One Man’s Belief in Santa Clause in his Book, “The Jacket.”

'The Jacket'

by Richard Baran
A novel published by Total Recall Publishers. He has published a coaching text, Coaching Football’s Polypotent Offense, a short story, “That Ain’t No Walleye”.

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