On the surface, many would assume that Professor Jessica Windslow is very lucky. She has the good fortune to be teaching property law, a field she loves, at the highly regarded and respected St. Andrews School of Law in southwestern New Brunswick and could easily afford to live there in her beautiful 1851 heritage home (known locally as Rosedale) with her 21-year-old son Adam now entering law school.

By R.C. Westland
Nobody Cares R.C. Westland

Reviewer by Audrey Lawrence

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Tara is leading an unhappy but safe life, stuck in a career and marriage she doesn’t like, until her best friend vanishes. Finding Lisa is about having everything, losing something important, and re-evaluating life, love, and purpose as a result.

By Sigrid MacDonald
Review of Finding Lisa By Diane C. Donovan of Midwest Book Review

Reviewer by Diane C. Donovan

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I am glad to have found a book I can enjoy reading again and again.

By Jeff Lovell
A Great Adventure Story

Reviewer by Bob Shackelford

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jazz & ella

Young teens time travel out of WDW and gain courage to deal with fears from their past.

By Jeff and Jacqi Lovell

Reviewer by Jane Kaspar

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A desolate prairie stretched across three city lots in the middle of a neighborhood of Chicago’s far west side. No one would guess that three small boys would lose their lives tragically that morning in this prairie of rocks and weeds.

By Gary Repetto
This is essentially a book of good versus evil exposing the pressures of winning at all costs in sports.

Reviewer by Duane Trythall

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reviewer pics

Jonny’s incredible adventures continue with the next installment of the six set series

By Kim Wheeler
Jonny, Legion & Legend are back!

Reviewer by Book Viral

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The storyline, characters and settings were so real it was difficult to believe that (this book) is historical fiction.

By Betty Vaughn
Betty Vaughn receives award from Yesterday's Magnolia for her book Run, Cissy, Run.

Reviewer by Yesterday's Magnolia award

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“What I Really Think”, as Smith states his views clearly, with conviction and honesty

By David Smith
Even when you strongly disagree with Smith, you still respect him for the strength of his conviction

Reviewer by Charles Ashbacher

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A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

By Raveena Nash
A children's story based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles

Reviewer by Leona

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Karen Ford joined us on Talk show to discuss her book Thoughts of a Fried Chicken Watermelon Woman.

By Karen Ford
Thoughts of a Fried Chicken Watermelon Woman aims to spur conversation, inspire thought and lead to action

Reviewer by Carry on Harry

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